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Serie: Mediators Marking Experiences

Harold Garcia V & Grethell Rasúa

Photographic Installation / Process Art / Collection

US Edition / AMA, Art Museum of the Americas / 2016

Austria Edition / Artist in Residence KulturKontakt / 2016

Cuba Edition / 7th Salon of Cuban Contemporary Art / 2017

In our personal experiences, there are always objects that accompany us. We consider them essential because they emblematize and remind us of the most significant moments of our lives. We unconsciously form an attachment with them that leaves its mark on our spiritual body.

Using photography and installation, we create a visual representation of the emotional relationship between a group of people and their most important objects. This work implies a mutual collaboration between the artists and the participants. Those interested bring their selected object to the gallery and decide on the part of their physical body to mark it on themselves. The artists take several photos of each participant (without revealing their identity) of the object, the moment they pressed the object to their body, and the mark it leaves on them. They also write down the meaning of each thing. This work is a collection of intimate stories, an accumulation of economic, political, religious, and social aspects. It is a way to archive and, in some way, understand different cultures via personal objects, collaboration, and art.