The Night Falls

Book and lyrics by Karen Russell | Music and lyrics by Ellis Ludwig-Leone
Choreographed and directed by Troy Schumacher

So proud to announce the exciting collaboration as a contributing visual artist with this group of incredible and acclaimed artists joining forces in this Lyrical and Haunting Dance-Driven Music Theatre Production.

A new myth for our fractured era, choreographed and directed by Troy Schumacher (NYC Ballet and BalletCollective), with book and lyrics by Karen Russell (Swamplandia!), music and lyrics by Ellis Ludwig-Leone (San Fermin), staged for nine dancers, eight singers, and a chamber music ensemble.

All across America, people on the brink of despair begin to have the same nightmare. A song will not leave their heads–terribly beautiful music. Its victims include Felis Robles, a Queens, NY teenager whose boyfriend has recently died. Night after night, Felis dreams of three women transformed into monstrous birds. They sing to him in his sleep, beckoning him to join them at “The Night Falls,” an abandoned Floridian roadside attraction built around a sublime grotto and home to the world’s eeriest echoes and the concert hall of the “Sirens.” Desperate to learn why this song is haunting him–and desperate to hear it again–Felis makes the trip to the Night Falls Grotto. When he arrives, he discovers he is not alone.

Within a group of suffers from all walks of American life–among them, an athlete whose spirit is ravaged by a very public downfall, a mother who lost her daughter to addiction, and a lapsed python hunter–The Night Falls depicts the metamorphosis of atomized individuals into a true community. With choreography that dramatizes the leap of empathy between bodies and music that channels the polarities of surrender and resistance. The Night Falls shows the visceral power of art to brace us against the abyss of despair.

Composer and Co-Lyricist by Ellis Ludwig-Leone
Librettist and Co-Lyricist Karen Russell
Set Designer Jason Ardizzone-West
Associate Set Designer Kenny Duecker
Costume Designer Karen Young
Co-Lighting Designer Amith Chandrashaker
Co-Lighting Designer Abigail Hoke-Brady
Contributing Visual Artist Harold Garcia V
Projections Hannah Tran
Sound Designer Garth MacAleavey
Music Director Naomi Woo
Director and Choreographer Troy Schumacher
(Artistic Director for BalletCollective; Soloist New York City Ballet)

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The Cuban Artists Fund & Thomas Nickles Project present Harold Garcia V Open Studio.

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Cuban Artists Fund and our co-hosts, the Thomas Nickles Project, we invite you to join us for an open studio event featuring Harold Garcia V.  The open studio takes place on Saturday, December 10, from 11:00 am – 6 pm at the CAF studio located at 208 east 51st Street, 2nd floor, Manhattan.

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About Thomas Nickles Project:

Established in 2016, THOMAS NICKLES PROJECT opened its brick-and-mortar location in the Summer of 2020 in a historical building on Orchard Street in New York City’s Lower East Side. A contemporary art gallery with an evolving program of emerging and mid-career Cuban artists living in Cuba and abroad, TNP is committed to exploring the expanding concept of what Cuban art is and the criteria by which it is defined. Critical reviews of gallery exhibitions have appeared in Hyperallergic and The New York Times. The gallery has had works acquired by the Bank of America Collection and has participated in major art fairs in the United States and Latin America. 

About Cuban Artists Fund:

CAF is committed to supporting artists of Cuban ancestry and providing public programming aimed at creating a broader appreciation for the Cuban arts and its global impact, both historically and in today’s society. CAF identifies resources and people to create valuable networks for Cuban artists, arts and culture groups, and cultural exchanges.

Visualizing Geography – A Conversation with Artist Harold Garcia V at Hunter College.

In the context of Geography Awareness Week, hosted by the Hunter College Geography and Environmental Science Department, join a conversation about how Geography and Art can intertwine to raise awareness and transform our reality.
Cuban artist Harold Garcia V will showcase and speak about his work on the ecosystem of the Everglades, the largest wetland in the United States, in southern Florida. He focuses on the reasons that have contributed to its significant deterioration, beginning with the fashion industry trends of the late 19th century and drawing continuities with the current pressing issues this territory faces.

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Cuba Introspettiva-Pratiche Intermediali e Videoarte.

Curated by Giacomo Zaza.
Flashback Habitat, Ecosystem for Contemporary Cultures
Turin, Italy.
Nov 3 – Dec 15 / 2022
Inauguration: Nov 2 / 2022

CUBA INTROSPETTIVA explores the multi-media practices from Cuba, opening an in-depth investigation dedicated to the experiences of single-channel video art, some of whom are little known in Europe but that are protagonists of the research within and without the island.

Twenty contemporary artists who have been active since the mid-nineteen
seventies are highlighting the introspective analytic gaze of art in Cuba: that particular attitude to look inside the identity, to encourage an imaginative journey, never given for granted or linear, which produces continuous deviations and transfigurations, thoughts and desires into cultural contexts.

An open and reflexive vision prevails in the artists in the exhibition, imbued with ironic, restless and amorphous traits. A vision in dialectic relationship to limits and contradictions, accompanied by the internalization of public and private Cuban history, with its scars and rooting, changes and transitions after the Revolution (1959). We obviously seize visual and linguistic codes that are different from one
another, linked to the different generations – for example, in the younger artists, a marked examination of reality, less enigmatic but structured and speculative, is detected.

The artistic practices in Cuba are moments that observe and discuss reality. They are never neutral or indifferent to the political, social and cultural frequencies. They show a strong explorative charge. They become a conscious experience of world’s multiplicity.

CAF Residence.

Excited to be the resident artist at the Cuban Artist Fund residency for December.
Visit CAF for more info on the events.

Dear friends,

I am raising funds to create a stream of monetary aid to Florida public schools by selling limited-edition silk scarves with my work printed on them. To promote environmental stewardship in Florida to new generations through workshops, lectures, and field trips related to the Everglades.

A contribution of any amount would mean a lot. If it is okay with you, it would also help me share this link with your friends and family.

Thank you very much for your support, 


United Nations Lecture.

The DD Lecture Series is pleased to invite you to a special presentation with guest artist Harold García V, whose exhibit “A Guilt-Ridden Landscape” is on display in the lobby of the Albano Building through 8 March 2022, and Rong Jiang, curator of the exhibition. This DDLS event will take place on Tuesday, 1 March, at 12:00 PM (EST) via Teams. The exhibit “A Guilt-Ridden Landscape” is part of a broader investigative project by the artist to invite us to reflect on some of the factors that have become major threats to the health of the Everglades ecosystem. During this presentation, Harold García V will tell us about his life and work, his relationship with the Everglades, past projects related to the Everglades, the exhibit currently on display in the lobby of the Albano Building, and his passion for the cause of helping save and preserve this fragile ecosystem. Through videos and still images, we will see Harold at work and share his sources of inspiration, ideas, and techniques with us.

Upcoming show.

Curated by Rong Jiang
Albano Building at United Nations
305 E 46th ST. New York
Feb 8 – Mar 8 / 2022

Open Studio.

Welcome to an evening of intimate access to the most recent artistic production of the Cuban-born artist Harold García V.

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Thomas Nickles Project
PIER 36 | BOOTH #B09
09.08.21 – 09.12.21
Pier 36, 299 South St, New York 10002

Meet the Curator!

Thomas Nickles Project
Thursday, June 17th
6:30 – 8 PM
The tour starts promptly at 7 pm

Please join us for an evening with artist and curator Grethell Rasúa as she presents a curatorial walk-through and discussion of our current exhibition, Welcome to the Everglades. This is a unique chance to learn how this project was researched, designed, and created.


Artists, Harold García V to Franky Cruz, Reckon With Climate Crisis in the Everglades

By Alexandra Martinez


Miami New Times.

From Viral to Symbol

Jessica Lipscomb


United Nations Lecture.

May 18, 2021

Lecture at the United Nations about the investigative project, Welcome to The Everglades. He has been working on this project for the past two years, currently showing at Thomas Nickles Project in New York. The presentation is a discussion point and tool to promote a call to action and awareness toward the care of this incredible ecosystem, one of the most important in the world.

The presentation was moderated by:
Rolando Prats-Paez (DDLS Coordinator at the UN)
Rong Jiang (Chief Curator of the DDLS Art(ist) Studio Visits at the UN)
Dr.Steve David (Chief Science Officer)
Grethell Rasúa (Curator of the exhibition)
Kristen Thomas (Thomas Nickles Project)
Jhon Nickles (Thomas Nickles Project)
Special thanks to Haydée Oliva (Thomas Nickles Project)


Welcome to the Everglades at
Thomas Nickles Project.

Curated by Grethell Rasúa 
May 12 – July 11 / 2021
Opening reception: May 12, 4 pm

Progressive Brunch.

Miami, FL / US

May 19 / 2019

11 am – 3 pm

On the Altars of Vanity.

DotFiftyOne Gallery

Miami, FL / US

March 29 – May 31 / 2019.

Opening reception: Friday, March 29, 7 pm


7mo Salon de arte contemporaneo.

Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales – CDAV

Havana / Cuba

Oct 27 / 2017 – Jan 20 / 2018


Presentation of artists in residence KULTUR KONTAKT.

Concordiaplatz 2, 1010

Vienna / Austria

December 22 / 2016

Living with the Past.

Haaaauch – quer Gallery

Klagenfurt / Austria

Opening: Dec 1, 6pm / 2016

(Art)xiomas–Cuba ahora: The Next Generation.

AMA| Art Museum of the Americas, OAS

Washington, D.C. / US

June 9 – August 7 / 2016

Opening reception: Thursday, June 9, 6 – 8 pm

On June 9, 2016, AMA | Art Museum of the Americas of the OAS will present (Art)xiomas, a contemporary Cuban art exhibit organized with SPAIN arts & culture.  (Art)xiomas is also part of a larger cooperative effort to celebrate contemporary Cuban art and the centennial of AMA’s founding director, José Gómez Sicre. This exhibition is curated by Cuban art historian Gabriela García Azcuy. 

With this project -funded by the Friends of the Art Museum of the Americas, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and the Permanent Observer Mission of Spain to the OAS – the OAS aims to bring nations together through art and culture, beyond political nuances, looking to a new horizon, as so many contemporary artists in Cuba are doing. These artists are favoring fresh aesthetics while recognizing historical contexts, whose discourses are more autobiographical than politically contextualized. Exhibition participants shy away neither from committing themselves to projects with cultural institutions nor to working independently. Thus they penetrate and overcome barriers that, for too long, have characterized the timeline of Cuban cultural cooperation. (Art)Xiomas includes painting, engraving, photography, sculpture, design, and video art by talented young artists.

Adrián Fernández, Alex Hernández, Gustavo del Valle, Lisandra Ramírez, Mabel Poblet, and Osmeivy Ortega are among the artists of (Art)Xiomas. The meaning of axiom is a self-evident truth. These recent graduates of Cuba’s University of the Arts, now in their 30s, face their realities with a new gaze, free of political elements that nonetheless penetrate their works.

A half-century ago, another fresh-faced Cuban impassioned by the arts planted the seeds of what is today considered among the world’s finest collections of modern and contemporary Latin American and Caribbean art. José Gómez-Sicre took the reins of the OAS’s art program, thrusting himself head-on into the rapidly expanding Latin American art world, bringing young and emerging talent to the OAS’s budding exhibition space. AMand Spain will be celebrating the centennial of Gómez-Sicre’s birth throughout 2016, honoring his contribution to the legacy of the art of the Hemisphere and that of his home country of Cuba.

In addition to the exhibit, AMA is planning a symposium on September 15, 2016, that will seek to juxtapose Gómez Sicre’s promotion of Cuban art beginning with the 1944 publication Cuban Painting of Today, which was part of MoMA’s Modern Cuban Painters exhibition, and the efforts scholars, modern and contemporary art museums and other institutions, both in Cuba and the United States, are doing today to support and promote contemporary Cuban art.