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Serie: Mediators Marking Experiences

Photographic installation / Process Art / Collection
Variables dimensions
In collaboration with Grethell Rasúa

United States Edition / 2016
ART-XIOMAS, CUBAAHORA: The Next Generation / AMA – Art Museum of the Americas, Washington DC, US

Austria Edition / 2016
Living with the past / haaaauch-quer Gallery, Klagenfurt, Austria
Presentation of Artists in Residence KulturKontakt / Concordiaplatz, Vienna, Austria

Edition Cuba / 2017
7th Contemporary Cuban Art Salon / Center for the Development of Visual Arts – CDAV, Havana, Cuba

Mediators marking experiences is an interactive work created in different cultures. To make it, I invited as many and as diverse people as possible in terms of gender, age and occupation.

This piece was conceived to understand different places through their inhabitants’ most important personal objects.

In our experiences, there are always things that accompany us. We consider them important because they mark and remind us of the most significant moments of our lives. Unconsciously, we create a relationship of attachment that leaves marks in our spiritual body. Through photography, I created a visual representation of this emotional relationship. I used the physical body of each participant to mark their object.

The final image of this work depends on the place where it is performed, the objects, the skin and participants’ clothing colors, the position, and the part of the body they select to be marked.

This work is a collection of intimate stories, accumulating economic, political, religious, and social aspects that somehow identify each place.