Solo shows Living with the Past

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Living with the Past

Curated by Grethell Rasúa

Bipersonal show
Harold Garcia V and Grethell Rasúa

haaaauch-quer Gallery / Klagenfurt, Austria

From Dec 1– Dec 3, 2016

Opening: Dec 1, 6pm

Living With the Past was realized in Klagenfurt in Haaaachquer (breath) gallery, with the participation of great people,

The project exhibited was Mediators marking experiences and needed the collaboration of several people for its realization. The participants selected an object from their lives, the one they considered most important for having been part of some event in their past that had made a mark in their most emotional memories.

During the show, in one of the rooms, we received the collaborators in a photography set, took pictures of their objects, of the moment when they pressed it on the part of the body they selected and of the mark left by the pressure. They also wrote down the relationship between the object and its meaning. In another room, we showed the result, the finished photographic installation, which grew over time.

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